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6 Free Activities To Do With Your Children

Posted 7th October 2020

Here are some fun, free activities to do as a family that cost £0.00. We sometimes forget that we can have just at much fun at home or down the local park. If you are a bit skint and looking for activities to do this weekend, then here are some brilliant, simple activities that will keep your children happy.  

Bug Hunt

You don't have to go far to take your children on a bug hunt. Your back garden or the local park is perfect for an adventure to discover creepy crawlies. This can also get your children to observe nature and show them that bugs are not quite the same as the ones on the cartoons. Something fun and educational for young curious minds.

Make A Family Movie

If you own something that you can easily make a video on, then this is a perfect activity to get the family involved in making their movie. Write a script, find some props around the house and have a blast. Ounce you have made your award-winning movie, give your family the movie-themed feel and watch it on the big screen.

First One To Bring Me

Now, this is a brilliant game to get your kids active and an easy one for the parents. Ask your children to bring you an item by saying 'first one to bring me their shoes' or 'first one to bring me something blue' make sure that they don't end up bringing back something dangerous. Ounce they have brought you lots of interesting things, you can make another game by getting them to take everything back to its rightful place by saying 'first one to take back their shoes'.
It is an easy game to play that keeps them active and their brains thinking at the same time.

Build A Den

Children love to build things and create something of their own. Using tables, chairs, covers, pillows, blankets, cushions, they could easily spend an hour perfecting their den. Its is also an ideal game to play an hour before lunch as they could also enjoy a meal sitting in their creation.

Spot The Difference

Spot the difference is a fantastic game to get your children thinking.
Grab some items from around the house and spread them out on to the table. Get your children to try and memorise all the items on the table before you start removing them. When they are ready to start, ask them to turn round, shut their eyes whilst you remove one of the items. They then have to guess what item you have taken away from the table.

Nature Picture

Explore the local park or your back garden and collect some nature. Get your children to find leaves, sticks, grass, nuts, seeds and flowers to create a nature picture. Once they have collected everything, head home and get them to create a picture to bring some nature indoors. Paper, child-safe glue or sellotape is all you need. Careful they don't bring bugs home, as they probably won't appreciate being covered in glue.