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How To Enjoy A Productive Weekend For Free

Posted 16th October 2020

Morning walks

Get up and start your productive Saturday morning with a nice walk. Morning exercise is supposed to help you have more energy throughout the day especially when walking outside. So skip your morning caffeine fix and get a more natural wake up call.

Clear-out And Clean Up

Taking time at the weekend to sort out your home gives you a great feeling mentally and helps you to enjoy the comfort of your home more. The more you clean the bigger you feel like you have achieved something, you might also end up finding stuff to chuck or take to the charity shop that you no longer need. 

Hit The Library 

The Library is another way to spend your time productively at the weekend. If you enjoy reading and discovering new books then this is the perfect activity to do that you can spend as much time enjoying. Since COVID 19 you might have to now book a slot to go and spend time at your local library. Even if you are someone that has never been to the Library before, give it a go, you might enjoy it.

Hit The Museums

If you are local to Museums then this is another great way to spend some time learning about something you may never of known. Lots of museums are either free or have a donations charge in the Uk. A lot still charge for entry so make sure you check before you go. Since lots of measures have been put in place because of COVID 19 it might be worth checking to see if you have to book a time slot or if there is a queue.

Invite some friends over

Chilling with good company in your own home within your bubble is a brilliant way to enjoy an evening and spend nothing. Get your friends to bring some food and drink, so that there is no temptation to order that cheeky takeaway. Hopefully, if you have generous friends, they might bring you a bottle of something also for hosting. 

Plan Your Spendings For Next Week

If you've read this far into the blog, then you must be someone who is on a budget or likes to budget their money. Planning your spending for the week allows you to take time and figure out costs and what you can cut back on. We can sometimes get to that end of the week and regret spending that extra money because we didn't realise how much we actually spent.  

Go On A Bike Ride

Since the start of COVID 19, the UK has seen a rise in people jumping on their bikes and going for a ride. Going for a nice evening bike ride costs £0.00 and has made new riders realise how much fun it actually is. Downloading a cycling App can also help make you more committed to getting on your bike more often.