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How To Enjoy A Night Out, With Friends On A Budget

Posted 1st October 2020

Are you the type of person that has to save up, or even put money by only to enjoy an evening out with friends? Do you feel like you are always the one that tries to be careful about what you spend whilst others seem to only worry about it in the morning? Whether you are going out for drinks at a bar or going for a sit-down meal with a few friends you can still keep within your strict budget and have a brilliant night. 

Us Brits spend an average of £70.69 on a night out. Which is still quite a lot of money considering you could do a weekly shop for yourself on that money. The days of going out to the local with £20, and still coming home with change in your back pocket are over. One alcoholic drink can now cost between £4-£12 depending on the area you are drinking here are some brilliant tips on how to save money on a night out on a budget.

Pre-drinks with your bubble

Have a few drinks in the comfort of your own home before you start your night. People tend to spend more money on drinks at the beginning of a night out rather then later on in the evening. This way you will not be spending five times the amount at the start of your evening. Invite some friends over and make it fun, this way you all might end up staying at home a bit longer than intended.

Have Food at home

Spend less on food and have a meal before heading out, a meal at home would probably cost between £2-£4 rather than spending roughly £15 at a bar or restaurant. If a meal out is the plan with friends, have something small at home then when it comes to ordering, order a smaller, cheaper alternative. This way you are still able to enjoy a meal with friends, rather than sitting there watching your friends eat.

Opt-out on the rounds

Buying rounds is probably one of the worst things to do when out on a strict budget. Where you might just go for the cheaper options on drinks, others could be getting you ordering doubles, expensive larger, adding on a few extra cheeky shots, and don't forget the dreaded extra surcharges. Some places now, charge up to 70p for a splash of lime, when you can buy a bottle of lime for about 85p. You could end up spending all your budget and having a very long stroll back home.  

Take out what you need

Ditch the cards and use cash. Calculate your spend before heading out and take what you need. Once you have hit your budget and only have enough for travel if needed, then there is no temptation of spending a little extra on another bevy.