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Quick Affective Ways To Save during COVID

Posted 6th October 2020

If you are someone that is looking to cut back on costs, you need to know that this is possible for everyone. This year, since the start of COVID 19 we have all struggled in different ways. But the main struggle for people is trying to stay financially stable or preparing themselves for the worst.
There are so many ways that you can cut back on the costs and still be able to support your family. We have a few helpful tips that will be able to help you financially.
So here are some helpful tips that could start saving you money straight away.

Shop for what you need

We all end up bringing food back home we did not need, this can then cause us to moan at ourselves for buying it because we know that it was the wrong thing to do. Stop regretting what you have brought by shopping with a strict shopping list.
Shopping lists can help as it gets you to concentrate on what you need and forget the temptations staring back at you. It is also handy to jot down the costs of each item so that you can work on lowering your spend by getting alternatives. It also helps to shop on your own as it stops the rest of the family slipping a few extra temptations in the trolley.

nights indoors with your bubble

Planning a night in with friends can be a big cutback in expenses compared to going for a night out. Drinks can cost between £4-£12 depending on the place you go and the area. A nice comfortable vibe indoors with friends and a few drinks could probably cost under £10

Eat well in the morning's

Eating a good-sized healthy breakfast to keep you going for the day can help with cutting costs. It could reduce your hunger and stop you from spending money on snacks until its time for lunch.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is proven to be cheaper as you are not paying extra for the packaging. You should be able to find a slight difference in the price compared to buying the same but smaller and also making it a less frequent purchase. Fewer visits to the shop also means that you are saving money on fuel or public transport. Also, you are producing less packaging and food waste from your household.  

Save up the coins

Throwing loose change into a jar, pot or money box that you don't care about at the time, is one of the best ways to save up some money in the long run.
When building up a jar of coins you forget how much is in there and can be surprising on how much you have made when it comes to braking it open. Doing this can also get to a stage where you don't want to break the coin jar open and keep building it up, as you start to see it as a challenge on how many coins you can save up.